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The Rat! Publisher's Description

The Rat! is keylogger with a many functions to satisfact all kinds of users! After you launch The Rat!, it integrates into the system and makes completely hidden from everyone. A tiny invisible program runs on the background, watches what user is doing and writes it into a log file. It can send the logs by e-mail if you want. With this unique keylogger, you will know what was typed , where and when it was typed. The Rat! will record all keystrokes typed, chat conversations, emails, passwords, internet work, and more.
It is the most powerful stealth surveillance application offered anywhere and at the lowest price ! The Rat! is absolutely invisible in the system. It means invisibility in system registry, invisibility in task manager, invisibility in Add/Remove Programs Menu, etc.
There are some version of The Rat! Each one has it's own features and price. Working platforms are Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP. To begin to work with our keylogger you have to config and produce result-file with The Rat! Control Center. The result-file is tiny in size . This file is The Rat! You can attach it to any program (small game or even html page). Then you can copy this file or program on diskette, cd or send it by e-mail . When the user run it on computer, The Rat! start to work (remote installation). You can run The Rat! only one button click with The Rat! Control Center too. To uninstall The Rat! you have to use The Rat! Control Center's abilities or hot keys in some case.
There are two version of the The Rat! : Full and Demo. FileConnector is available only with Full version. You can turn off displaying notification message screen (it appears every time on Windows starts up) only in Full version. Demo version is free. The price of Full version is very cheap for such kind of soft .

What's New in Version 5.0 of The Rat!

New key logger core,Tiny size of result file, New configurator,Easy reading log-file,New Stealth engine,

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